Digital Conference Agenda

1:00 pm - 7:00 pm CET      |      7:00 am - 1:00 pm EDT

* Please note that the following agenda timings are Central European Time.  

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1:00 pm Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

1:10 pm Opening Keynote Presentation: With Cost Pressures Increasing, Why Now is the Time to Challenge Our Thinking


• Looking at a macro-level view of the automotive industry: what impact could COVID-19 and a recession have on the role of cost engineers?
• Reviewing the effect that trade wars and tariffs may have on the costs of automotive components
• Investing in a strong cost engineering and procurement strategy to optimise costs and offer the best market prices

1:30 pm Cost from a Design Perspective: A New Approach to Achieving Best Cost Optimised Designs

  • Chris Domanski Senior Manager – Direct Sourcing & Cost Optimization, Nexteer Automotive


• Establishing department integration from the request of quotation to the start of production to create a cost-focused design team
• Examining the design-to-cost process and sharing data throughout the development process to improve accuracy
• Tackling cost responsibilities and educating the design team around function cost, impact and customer value

2:00 pm Collaborative Panel: Improving Co-operation Between Cost, Design, Purchasing & Manufacturing for Speed, Accuracy & Efficiency


• Redefining the development process: reducing the need for clean-up and reengineering during later development stages
• Building trust between teams and developing a common target: balancing cost and quality
• Involving cost engineers with supplier negotiations and aligning all teams to inform them of cost breakdowns to improve cost awareness and improve cooperation



Grab a quick cup of coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen and jump straight into this exclusive virtual speed networking! This session is the ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face (screen-to-screen) and establish meaningful business relationships.

3:00 pm In-Depth Case-Study: Next Generation Cost Engineering & Design Collaboration


• Creating a cost-conscious project from start to finish
• How to support and influence engineering to create an optimum cost product
• Understanding specific function costs and additional functions to create a highly valued product

3:20 pm In-Depth Case Study: Back-Up Tactics When Organisations Won’t Collaborate: An Innovative Approach to Cost Estimation and Quoting When Provided with Minimal Design Details


• Leveraging data from past projects to fill in the gaps when design information is missing
• Quantifying the risks of available so that appropriate contingencies can be included in quotes
• Adopting a coherent strategy to evaluate software cost

3:40 pm In-Depth Case Study: Value Analysis Engineering to Reduce In- House Manufacturing Cost


• How to collaborate with manufacturing engineering, purchasing and quality teams to review the process and best materials
• Reducing manufacturing costs during production and guaranteeing a balance of optimum quality and cost
• Comparing tool investment vs tool contribution vs tool capitalisation to reduce material costs

4:00 pm LIVE Q&A

4:10 pm BREAK

4:20 pm BREAKOUT: Taking Lessons Learned Back to the Office: What are Some of the Most Successful Approaches to Optimise Costs Whilst Ensuring a High Quality Product?


• How can you improve the relationship between design engineers and cost engineers to create a cost-conscious product?
• What is the best strategy to implement when you are provided with minimal design details?
• How can you create the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost?

During this breakout you will have the opportunity to attend a session with one of the speakers from the LIVE Q&A to identify key takeaways and create an action plan on how to improve your cost engineering strategy with like-minded peers.

4:40 pm A New Approach to Working Collaboratively with Suppliers to Share Costs & Optimise Transparency

  • Daniel Nagy Director of Mechanical Systems, Harman International


• How to approach suppliers to initiate greater transparency whilst retaining the power of negotiation
• Developing strong partnerships with suppliers to enable access to cost breakdowns
• Removing the fears of disclosing data to improve the availability of data and determining transparency if leverage does not exist between the supplier and the customer

5:00 pm In-Depth Case Study: Dealing with Limited Information and Rethinking Negotiation with Suppliers


• How to utilise background knowledge to calculate costs when suppliers do not disclose their database
• Shifting from a commercial approach to a more technical approach: why cost engineers should not only check and estimate costs but also provide solutions
• Dealing with a low volume of product offerings and a shorter relationship with suppliers

5:20 pm In-Depth Case Study: Moving From a Cost-Down Strategy to a Cost Optimisation Process: How to be Successful in China & India


• What are the best strategies and concepts to reduce costs
• Shifting to a technical saving process: learning from real-life case-studies
• How to ensure successful cost-down projects with suppliers in India and China

5:40 pm LIVE Q&A

5:50 pm BREAK

6:10 pm BREAKOUT: Taking Lessons Learned Back to the Office: Building On Your Relationship with Suppliers to Optimise Transparency


• What are the most successful methods of negotiation to build trustworthy relationships with suppliers?
• How can we develop a technical approach to leverage cost control?
• Should we be strengthening international relationships or refocusing procurement nationally?

Come prepared with one strategy that has been successfully implemented within your team or one learning you wish you had known when dealing with suppliers

6:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

6:40 pm HAPPY HOUR


Whether you are looking for your late-morning caffeine fix or something to end your day, grab a beverage of your choice from your home bar and use the final networking opportunity of the day to follow up on connections made earlier, ask that burning question to a speaker whose talk got you thinking and build relationships with industry peers.

7:00 pm End of Conference Day One