Digital Conference Agenda

1:00 pm - 7:00 pm CET      |      7:00 am - 1:00 pm EDT

* Please note that the following agenda timings are Central European Time.  

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1:00 pm Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

1:05 pm Opening Keynote Presentation: With Cost Pressures Increasing, Why Now is the Time to Challenge Our Thinking


• Looking at a macro-level view of the automotive industry: what impact could COVID-19 and a recession have on the role of cost engineers?
• Reviewing the effect that trade wars and tariffs may have on the costs of automotive components
• Investing in a strong cost engineering and procurement strategy to optimise costs and offer the best market prices

1:30 pm Cost from a Design Perspective: A New Approach to Achieving Best Cost Optimised Designs

  • Chris Domanski Senior Manager – Direct Sourcing & Cost Optimization, Nexteer Automotive


• Establishing department integration from the request of quotation to the start of production to create a cost-focused design team
• Examining the design-to-cost process and sharing data throughout the development process to improve accuracy
• Tackling cost responsibilities and educating the design team around function cost, impact and customer value

2:00 pm Collaborative Panel: Improving Co-operation Between Cost, Design, Purchasing & Manufacturing for Speed, Accuracy & Efficiency


• Redefining the development process: reducing the need for clean-up and reengineering during later development stages
• Building trust between teams and developing a common target: balancing cost and quality
• Involving cost engineers with supplier negotiations and aligning all teams to inform them of cost breakdowns to improve cost awareness and improve cooperation



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3:00 pm In-Depth Case-Study: Next Generation Cost Engineering & Design Collaboration


• Creating a cost-conscious project from start to finish
• How to support and influence engineering to create an optimum cost product
• Understanding specific function costs and additional functions to create a highly valued product

3:20 pm In-Depth Case Study: Back-Up Tactics When Organisations Won’t Collaborate: An Innovative Approach to Cost Estimation and Quoting When Provided with Minimal Design Details


• Leveraging data from past projects to fill in the gaps when design information is missing
• Quantifying the risks of available so that appropriate contingencies can be included in quotes
• Adopting a coherent strategy to evaluate software cost

3:40 pm In-Depth Case Study: Value Analysis Engineering to Reduce In- House Manufacturing Cost


• How to collaborate with manufacturing engineering, purchasing and quality teams to review the process and best materials
• Reducing manufacturing costs during production and guaranteeing a balance of optimum quality and cost
• Comparing tool investment vs tool contribution vs tool capitalisation to reduce material costs

4:00 pm LIVE Q&A

4:10 pm Maximizing Competitive Edge Through On-Demand Access to Expert Know-how in Manufacturing, Material Science & Industrial Technologies


  • Identifying problems in technology knowhow: why expert insight is essential to maintain your competitive edge
  • Understanding who needs technology expertise in order to maximize their role within their organization
  • Looking beyond internal solutions to bridge the knowledge gap and have on demand access to data

4:20 pm BREAK

4:40 pm A New Approach to Working Collaboratively with Suppliers to Share Costs & Optimise Transparency

  • Daniel Nagy Director of Mechanical Systems, Harman A Samsung Company


• How to approach suppliers to initiate greater transparency whilst retaining the power of negotiation
• Developing strong partnerships with suppliers to enable access to cost breakdowns
• Removing the fears of disclosing data to improve the availability of data and determining transparency if leverage does not exist between the supplier and the customer

5:00 pm In-Depth Case Study: Dealing with Limited Information and Rethinking Negotiation with Suppliers


• How to utilise background knowledge to calculate costs when suppliers do not disclose their database
• Shifting from a commercial approach to a more technical approach: why cost engineers should not only check and estimate costs but also provide solutions
• Dealing with a low volume of product offerings and a shorter relationship with suppliers

5:20 pm In-Depth Case Study: Moving From a Cost-Down Strategy to a Cost Optimisation Process: How to be Successful in China & India

  • Nis-Peter Iwersen Global Procurement Head, NPIwersen Consulting / Interim Management Procurement


• What are the best strategies and concepts to reduce costs
• Shifting to a technical saving process: learning from real-life case-studies
• How to ensure successful cost-down projects with suppliers in India and China

5:40 pm LIVE Q&A

  • Daniel Nagy Director of Mechanical Systems, Harman A Samsung Company
  • Berthold Weiss Head of Target Costing, Continental
  • Nis-Peter Iwersen Global Procurement Head, NPIwersen Consulting / Interim Management Procurement

5:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

6:00 pm End of Conference Day One