ACE will be returning to Detroit in October

Stay tuned for updates…

October 2018 | Detroit

2017 Event Brochure

  • Automotive Cost Engineering Automotive Benchmark Survey

    Following the success of the conference, this community of industry professionals took part in a survey, to better benchmark their ways of working. Download the results to see how you compare.

  • Exhibitor Interview, Rick Burke, Vice President, aPriori

    Rick discusses the key drivers for investment in costing software, advice on workflows and processes, and more.

  • Speaker Interview: Edward Pretzel, President, Collaborative Supply Chains Company

    Ed talks about common barriers to transparency, tips for collaboration, modern estimation software, and more, in this speaker interview.

  • Full Event Brochure

    Download the brochure now to access the full agenda and speaker line-up for Automotive Cost Engineering 2017.

    At this event you’ll explore industry success stories from OEMs, Tier 1s and other industry leaders in an open and collaborative format. Download the brochure to find out more, and why you should join us in Detroit this October.

    Why is this Event Unique?

    -Developed Exclusively for You
    -Speakers from Across the Supply Chain
    -Interactive Format
    -Vendor Neutral
    -Focused on Working Together