Creating a Transparent & Cost Effective

Automotive Supply Chain

October 24 – 25 | Detroit

Creating a Transparent & Cost Effective Automotive Supply Chain

With automotive design relying on such a complex supply chain, the ability to breakdown and reduce costs is critical to remaining competitive.

Yet, friction is often caused between the pressure to meet target costs with the needs of suppliers to remain profitable. Meanwhile, everybody is trying to estimate the costs of unfinished designs based on incomplete databases and ageing software.

Automotive Cost Engineering 2017 will explore how the industry can instead develop a more collaborative and transparent supply chain and work together to optimize the balance between cost and design.

You’ll also hear how to better forecast the implications of major industry trends such as manufacturing costs for lightweight materials, autonomous vehicles and increasing globalization of supply chains. Join us in Detroit for this must-attend event for all automotive cost engineers!

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"The format was excellent and facilitated good communication and idea sharing."
Calsonic Kansei North America

"The conference was time well spent, I heard a lot of best practices, and participated in valuable networking."
NN Inc.

"One of the most thought-provoking conferences I have attended in the past 3 years."
Ellwood Group Inc.